Collegium Auditores Corporation (Toronto/Canada, Phoenix/Arizona)
Collegium Auditores GmbH (Siegburg/Germany)

Knowledge transfer in practice

Hello and welcome to the Collegium Auditores Corporation (Canada/USA) and the Collegium Auditores GmbH (Germany) homepage!

Our companies work as a compliance venture employing a network of specialists, practitioners, and partner companies.

Together, they provide comprehensive industry knowledge in specialized audit practices to organizations operating within the legal framework of the European Union (EU) with exposure to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Each of our partners has successfully managed all essential elements of corporate governance in their area of expertise and industry environment for many years. Collegium Auditores has a proven track record of appropriately and effectively implementing strategies for small to medium-sized companies.

We proudly represent an extensive spectrum of industry-based compliance knowledge and look forward to providing our customers with services in corporate compliance auditing and governance and external data protection.

Andreas H. Schmidt LL.M.
Andreas H. Schmidt LL.M.

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We look forward to becoming your corporate compliance auditor and governance partner or registered external Data Protection Officer.

Please contact us in Canada (Ontario) or USA (Arizona).

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