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Your company (or you as the responsible entrepreneur or executive respectively) have to ensure that the applicable laws and company-internal regulations are followed in your area of responsibility. Failure to do so may lead to prosecution.

We will help you with setting up an appropriate Compliance Management System (CMS) that is tailored to your organization and is in accordance with ISO 19600:2014.



You want that people in your area of responsibility act according to your instructions and that the processes run as you envisioned them. Great, because this is your responsibility.

Should a third party come to harm because of a mistake or because your instructions were disregarded, you can be accused of organizational negligence (§ 823 paragraph 1 BGB) after the fact if you did not audit the implementation regularly.

Data protection


We have considerable experience in implementing the GDPR for both German as well as international clients that work in different industries.

Our clients include various financial institutions, aviation companies, large food and sanitary purchasing companies, as well as industrial and logistics companies operating worldwide, all of which now face additional challenges due to the GDPR.

IT Security


The IT Security Act is in effect since 2015. Are you possibly affected by this as well? Do you have to implement an IT Security Management System and subject it to an IT Security audit every two years starting from 2018?

We will support you with the development of an ISMS!

In order for you to gain an overview of the landscape of IT Security, we present you some interesting links.