Compliance = conformity with rules

Your company or you, as the responsible entrepreneur or executive employee, must ensure that the applicable laws and internal requirements are complied with in your area of responsibility. If you fail to do so, you may be prosecuted.

Don’t let it get to that point! Act proactively!

We support you in setting up an appropriate Compliance Management System (CMS) that fits your organization and meets the requirements of ISO 19600:2014.

You want to set up a CMS but don’t have the know-how in-house or the resources?

We help you to set up your CMS, introduce your employees to the topic and prepare the way for independent continuous improvement.  
We train, coach and accompany your designated compliance / IT compliance officer, or support you and your employees as external consultants in this task.

You have already started to set up a CMS and would like to have it certified?

We help you to successfully achieve your certification and check the necessary documentation and processes in advance. If there are gaps, we work on them together with your employees and accompany the auditors during the audit.


IT operations also have to comply with various legal requirements. Examples are “only” the rules regarding archiving, data media disposal, license agreements, purchase and sale in/to German authorities and especially since 25.05.2018, the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). 

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