Annual audit (e.g. according to ISA 315)

This is common for you.

The same procedure every year. The annual audit is due and quite a few of your employees spend a long time collecting the necessary documents and electronic evidence in order to meet the legal requirements and thus the auditor’s questions or to be able to provide verifiable information.

For example, the Auditing standard ISA 315 (Revised 2019) comes into effect for audits of financial statements every year.

As an audit evidence, the auditor has to ask you for a lot of evidence documents e.g. policies, guidelines, procedures, log files, etc. You have to provides this at time

“What is not documented does not exist!”

This applies in particular if your information technology is the focus of this audit. When auditing in accordance with the auditing standard ISA 315, the burden on daily operations can be considerable.

Based on our experience with such audits, whether we have been commissioned as auditors ourselves or have already prepared and accompanied such audits several times within the organization, we support you in advance, organize and accompany the process.

The aim is to keep your operational expenses and the personnel commitment for you as low as possible, and thus to optimize the audit process as far as possible for you, but also for the auditor.

We support your internal audit department.

If you do not have such a body yourself, we will audit your organization on your behalf. This applies in particular to special issues arising from new legal requirements (GAP analysis), your internal control system (ICS) ( §§ 91, 93 AktG / § 43 (1) GmbHG / § 347 HGB).

Take advantage of our practical experience to be able to prove conclusively that you have fulfilled your “general due diligence and organizational obligations” appropriately.

We support you in conception, implementation and monitoring on the basis of IDW PS 981 (auditing standard of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany) or DIIR RS No. 2 (auditing standard of the German Institute for Internal Auditing – audit of the risk management system by the internal audit).

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